TurbinePROs: Launch of New Company

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Rogers, Minnesota – April 13, 2010: TurbinePROs is a new central Minnesota company specializing in on-site field work and specialty services relating to turbine and generator maintenance and repair. They operate out of the Upper Midwest providing on-site services including field machining, slow speed balancing, steam path repairs, bucket replacement, and generator repairs. Specialty services include rotor bore inspections, generator electrical testing, laser measurement services, and retrofit installation. TurbinePROs is a child company to ReGENco, a long established Wisconsin company and a leader in off-site work on steam and combustion turbines and generators.

TurbinePROs began creating a business design with their parent company—ReGENco—to become an independent field service provider in June of 2009. Just a couple months later, in August of 2009, TurbinePROs became a registered turbine and generator maintenance and repair company. They began looking for a company that specialized in website design and development to create and build their online presence. They chose Ecreativeworks—an industrial internet marketing company located less than 20 miles away and website production began in September of 2009.

Ecreativeworks provided website design, development, copywriting, and internet marketing services for the brand new company. From the initial company design work to the final launch of the website, TurbinePROs created a high quality on-site specialist for turbine and generator repair in under a year. Visit the new TurbinePROs website at www.turbinepros.com.

Ecreativeworks is a full service provider for industrial companies looking to create, update, or maintain their professional website. Based out of the Plymouth, Minnesota, they have a second location in Southern California. Ecreativeworks, in partnership with Ecreative Internet Marketing, completes high quality website design and development alongside search engine optimization, copywriting, and social marketing. Website development includes a variety of internet solutions including: product configurators for customer usability, custom database development for an interactive user experience, and ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C to increase online profitability. They have worked on nearly 2,000 industrial websites since their beginning in 1999.

Ecreativeworks completes a wide range of online development options; for a full list of services that can help your business compete, visit their website at www.ecreativeworks.com. Or visit their blog for more information regarding search engine optimization and copywriting services.

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