Milspec Direct: Extension Cords That Outlast The Competition 3-to-1

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Milspec Direct
5825 South Greenwood Ave.
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Milspec Direct: Extension Cords That Outlast The Competition 3-to-1

December 1, 2008: America’s premier extension cord manufacturer, Milspec Industries, has made its exclusive line of contractor grade extension cords available to the general public through Milspec Direct.

The newly launched website showcases their extension cord products and provides information about the full range of available product options. An important highlight is the personalized print program, which is available for all their extension cords.

The company offers any buyer free personalized custom print with the purchase of any extension cord product. According to Milspec President Galen Ho’o, “individuals can now order customized, printed extension cords the same way major contractors, movie studios and convention centers have for decades.”

Major contractors and large companies typically print their business name and phone number on their extension cords to promote their brand and prevent product theft.

“Now individuals can choose their extension cord’s gauge, length, plug type, jacket color and even a custom print legend,” notes Ho’o. “Along with their order of extension cords, we guarantee our online customers will receive the same high quality products and level of service that made us “Number One” with contractors on job-sites throughout the construction industry, “Number One” at campgrounds and parks throughout the recreational vehicle industry; “Number One” in production facilities and movie studios throughout the film industry; and “Number One” with convention centers, arenas and exhibition halls throughout the entertainment industry.”

Milspec’s “Number One” reputation is well deserved. After nearly 40 years in business, its customers have come to regard the company as a manufacturer of quality products.

It’s a level of quality that is easily demonstrated: Milspec Direct’s extension cords get three times longer product life and out perform other cord products because of their quality construction and careful attention to details.

  • Each extension cord’s male plug has solid, one piece, milled brass blades and ground pin, which will not bend and guarantee superior electrical contact.
  • A heavy duty nylon collar in the extension cord’s male plug is molded around both blades and ground pin to grip and reinforce them as one unit. This extra reinforcement prevents the blades or ground pin from pulling away from the plug body.
  • An extra long strain relief helps prevent both molded male plug and female connector from pulling away from the extension cord body by eliminating excess stress and bending.
  • Milspec Direct uses only 100% bunch stranded copper conductors to give maximum electrical conductivity and ensure the extension cord’s pliability.
  • All Milspec Direct extension cords are tested for maximum flexibility in temperatures well below freezing. They all pass the UL and cUL cold bend tests.
  • Milspec Direct extension cords have indoor/outdoor jackets that are rated Flame Retardant (FT2) and Water Resistant (WR) to guarantee maximum safety and long extension cord life.
  • The extension cords have molded on, clear neon lighted plugs and connectors, which indicate that there is power in the outlet circuit.
  • Special heavy duty Arc Resistant full sized brass contacts in the extension cords’ female connectors are calibrated for precise contact alignment.

Milspec Direct’s Pro Glo® extension cords are recommended for maximum performance with major product lines such as Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Honda, Cummins, Sony, Samsung, General Electric, Black and Decker, Fleetwood and Winnebago. In emergencies such as natural disasters, portable power from generators can be accessed through Milspec Direct’s heavy duty Pro Grip™ Generator extension cords. Temporary shelters such as travel trailers can be powered with their Pro Glo® RV and Mobile Home extension cords and adapters.

Milspec Direct is a secure ecommerce site. All inquiries can be sent through a contact form on the Milspec site and orders maybe placed for immediate shipment.

For more information: Milspec Direct.

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