MEGTEC Launches New Generation of Match-Speed Splicers for High Performance Semi-Commercial and Newspaper Printing

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MEGTEC Launches New Generation of Match-Speed Splicers for High Performance Semi-Commercial and Newspaper Printing

Amal, Sweden, June 26, 2008—The new MEGTEC MP12, MP14, MP22 and MP24 are the heart of a new, highly modular generation of high performance core-driven flying pasters. The compact design, with the lowest possible height, is ideal for limited space requirements, especially in newspaper printing. The MP series matches the demands of press manufacturers and is integrated into the press concept, offering unbeatable functionality at lowest investment cost.

The new MP match-speed splicer from MEGTEC delivers a splice efficiency rating of over 99.5 percent and is designed for multi-web, single and double-width, high-production printing presses used for newspapers and semi-commercial printing applications.

Development of new, high performance electronics, along with increased raw material prices, required different thinking when developing a machine to become the new reference product for the newspaper industry. The unique frame design combines robustness with a significantly reduced weight allowing the use of less steel. On the other side, the latest drive and control technology ensures highest performance.

Innovative details prove that the design and manufacturing of pasters is MEGTEC’s core business. The MP series has been designed, developed, engineered and prototype tested using the full portfolio of Six Sigma methodology tools. Printers have been interviewed to obtain the “Voice of the Customer” and the required quality functions have been carefully deployed. MEGTEC’s experience and the requirements from end-users and press manufacturers completed the basis for a precise specification for the MP series pasters. Two primary design considerations for the new MP series were ergonomics and user-friendly operation. These match what manufacturers have integrated into their press concept.

“The engineering behind the MP makes it an ideal machine for high-performance newspaper presses that require high degrees of safety and color registration,” said Andy Keil, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “These cost-effective features make value-added newspaper production and heatset printing possible.”

The MP 12-MP 24 features a unique, patented drive concept with a mechanical transmission locating drives and motors in the side frames of the paster. This allows the use of standard size motors and savings in slip-ring capacity, while offering a modular design for 2-quadrant or 4-quadrant drive capability. Adjustable up to 1,729 mm (67 inches), the versatile split arm permits loading two rolls of different widths. This, in turn, facilitates very simple and rapid splicing to other roll widths because operators don’t have to remove both rolls and then readjust the position of the roll arm.

Easy roll loading is another key feature of the MP series paster. Rolls can be loaded manually or automatically direct from floor level. Fully automatic chucks improve operating efficiency and safety. The chucks are positively locked into the core and do not have to be re-tightened during running, even after an emergency stop. And, as an added safety feature, the lock will not release even if the electricity and compressed air supply are interrupted.

MEGTEC Systems is the largest supplier of pasters and splicers, dryers and related equipment to the newspaper and commercial printing industries.



The first digit in the MP name stands for the application, 1 for single width and 2 for double width. The second digit refers to the acceleration and web tension control. 2 stands for 2-quadrant drive with pneumatic brakes and 4 stands for 4-quadrant drive with web tension control by motor.

The MP is capable of carrying newspaper rolls from 1,000 to 1,200 mm (40 to 67 inches) wide with a roll diameter of 1,270 mm (50 inches). In addition, the MP can handle coated paper rolls in diameters of 1,270 mm (50 inches) and a roll weight of up to 1,700 kg (3,750 lbs.).

Additional features include:

  • A low, minimum roll diameter of 450 mm (18 inches) for splicing allows significant flexibility for running partial rolls without the need for special handling.
  • Normal and symmetric configurations are available for dual web center loading.
  • On the MP 14 and MP 24, rolls are accelerated and braked by a 4-quadrant core drive, which allows perfect tension control and simple straight splice preparation. This system provides tension control that is up to 10 times faster than conventional systems. Web tension also remains more constant, irrespective of press speed variations.

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