MEGTEC Develops Splicer for 6000 kg and 1524 mm (60-inch) Diameter Rolls

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MEGTEC Develops Splicer for 6000 kg and 1524 mm (60-inch) Diameter Rolls

The world largest splicing system for web offset printing presses

Evry France, June 26, 2008—MEGTEC Systems has introduced the DLC 6000 Match-Speed Splicer, developed for 80-page presses with a web width up to 2,400 mm. At 6,000 kilograms, the DLC 6000 has the highest roll weight capacity in web offset printing. This maximum roll weight is necessary to produce on all paper grades at large diameter rolls. At the same time, it is the most compact splicer available for handling roll diameters up to 1,524 mm (60 inches). The DLC 6000 follows the successful innovation of the DLC 5000 which was introduced into the market in 2005 to meet the growing demand for wider web formats.

“A high percentage of printers opt today for 1524 mm roll capacity when investing in a high volume offset printing press” said Eytan Benhamou, Vice President Printing Business at MEGTEC Systems in France. “They recognize the operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of running larger rolls. The larger paper rolls require fewer splices, which in turn helps reduce manpower and paper waste. And that leads to overall lower operating costs.”

The DLC 6000 can handle 1524 mm (60-inch) diameter rolls at a maximum production speed of 18 m/s (3,540 feet per minute).

The rolls load into the paster by automatic roll-handling systems that have an adjustable automation level that allows up to “100% no-operator presence” roll changing. Standard split-arms reduce changeover time when changing web width. A new integrated infeed unit with 290 daN maximum web tension has been developed to follow the requirements of increased web width. The infeed and a tilt box high precision web guide are integrated into the system. Standard equipment on the machine includes quick-change 76 mm (3-inch) chucks and 150 mm (6-inch) chucks. These are required to handle the 44 percent increase in roll-weight capacity compared to 1,270 mm (50 inch) rolls and corresponding torque, especially when using coated paper rolls.

“On the DLC 5000, we have a proven splice record of over 99.5% on the fastest printing presses in the world.” added Benhamou, “This proves the leading position of the DLC series as the industry benchmark”.

The first DLC 6000 includes a MAN Roland PECOM control system and will be installed at Leykam in Austria in March 2008, on a MAN Roland 80-page Lithoman press with a maximum web width of 2,250 mm together with the new Dual-Dry RTO drying system from MEGTEC.

MEGTEC Systems is the largest independent supplier of pasters and splicers, dryers and related equipment to the newspaper and commercial printing industries.



“Members of our development team conceived, engineered and developed the DLC 6000 using the full portfolio of Design for Six Sigma tools,” said Andy Keil, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “We interviewed customers in key North American and European markets for their input. This commitment to quality was combined with our decades of experience and industry-leading splicer engineering to create the DLC 6000. We designed the unit to meet current and future requirements of end users and press manufacturers alike.”

Additional features of the MEGTEC DLC 6000 Match Speed Splicer include:

  • Lower overall operating costs due to reduced paper waste and splice tape consumption.
  • 31 percent fewer roll changes reduce the risk of web breaks, for more efficient press utilization.
  • Fewer roll changes also reduce handling, storing and stripping requirements.
  • Virtual elimination of splicer-caused web breaks, for increased press availability.
  • Rapid web tension control reduces waste.
  • Better handling of lower grade papers, lightweight stocks, and damaged and out-of-round rolls.
  • Fast makeready due to motorized and low-tension web-up system.

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