Gordon Brush Featured On Discovery Channel

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Gordon Brush Featured on Discovery Channel

Commerce, CA – May 27, 2010: The “Factory Made” show on the Discovery Channel will air an episode that features how Gordon Brush produces wire brushes on Tuesday morning, June 1, 2010 at 9:30 am Eastern and Pacific Times/ 8:30 am CST and 7:30 am MST. This feature will run for 5-6 minutes, and begin approximately 23 minutes into the 30 minute episode.

See the amazing inner workings of the complexities needed to manufacture a wire scratch brush. You might think it’s easy, but Gordon Brush has invested over $1 million to be the leading manufacturer of brushes like this in the USA. They’ve been making them for almost 60 years and use ultra modern machinery and techniques, including extensive use of robotics to produce 30,000 of these brushes per day. Yes, over 7 million a year. Conservatively, they have produced over 200,000,000 brushes. According to CEO Ken Rakusin, “the employees and investments in machinery set Gordon Brush apart from our competitors and allow us to manufacture in the Los Angeles area.”

About Gordon Brush

Since 1951, Gordon Brush has been the leading industrial brush manufacturer of quality standard and special brushes or custom brushes for industrial customers around the world. They design, manufacture and ship all our brushes from their state-of-the-art, 51,600-square-foot facility in Southern California. They offer more than 2,000 standard brushes and over 15,000 custom brushes, and can modify or custom manufacture any brush to meet unique specifications.

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