DECC Company Implements Plex Online System to Improve Efficiency and Production Cost Effectiveness

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2 February 2011, Grand Rapids, MI–The DECC Company has upgraded its facilities with the purchase of Plex Online software and hardware. The Plex system allows DECC to achieve better overall efficiency and greater cost effectiveness of production.

DECC is a leading industrial coating applicator based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializing in custom coating services and made-to-order coating applications. DECC now uses the Plex Online system to seamlessly integrate every department in their facility, from accounting to engineering to production to shipping and receiving. By automatically delivering pre-formatted paperwork, updating inventory files, and creating cost entries for accounting, in addition to many other time- and work-saving processes, Plex eliminates the room for human error. The Plex system delivers automation in nearly every conceivable step of DECC’s production, letting the company operate at ideal capacity and with supreme efficiency.

By utilizing the superior capabilities of the Plex Online system, the DECC Company has turned its already-industry-leading coating complex into a truly state-of-the-art facility. Plex allows them to trace every step of their production process, eliminating any recurring errors, regardless of their cause. Using Plex Online to accurately update and manage its inventory in real time significantly decreases supply chain issues, and assures that DECC’s factory is always ideally stocked with all necessary materials. And, because Plex is accessible through an internet-based system, DECC can monitor all its processes from company offices, off-site, or anywhere in the world.

The Plex Online system is another step forward for the DECC Company’s innovative production processes. “Plex is our system for defining our process requirements and documenting our conformance to those requirements,” states Kathy Johnson, DECC’s head quality engineer. Plex’s automated system ensures that DECC conforms to all customer and ISO requirements, and can deliver customers’ orders by faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective means. DECC is ready to lead the way with a world of coating solutions.

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