Ecreativeworks Offers Avalara Sales Tax Automation for Online Businesses

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31 March 2011—Ecreativeworks has teamed with Avalara to offer comprehensive sales tax automation for their web design clients. Their sales tax service automatically calculates the proper sales tax for any transaction, guaranteeing correct accounting and reporting, and helping to avoid potential tax season headaches.

No matter product your company sells, all online sales involve some sales tax calculation—even if it’s just to calculate that no sales tax is required. New legislations are changing the way online sales tax is collected, and the days of sales tax-free online shopping that many consumers enjoy may soon be numbered. Changing laws coupled with often intricate, and sometimes obscure, existing sales tax regulations make it difficult to ensure that the proper sales tax is added to transactions—tax jurisdictions can be unique down to a neighborhood level. With Avalara’s superior sales tax automation services through Ecreativeworks, your website’s online sales will include the exact sales tax amount needed, with no guesswork, no missed collections, and no lengthy tax documents to research.

Ecreativeworks and Avalara’s Avatax service automatically computes the proper sales tax for every transaction. With its pinpoint address accuracy, address validation, and thorough database of product and service tax codes, you’re covered, no matter where your online customers place their order from. Even small inaccuracies in sales tax collection can cause big problems in accounting, and can even lead to an IRS audit if left unchecked. Avatax service from Avalara and Ecreativeworks will save you time and effort, helping your ecommerce site run faster, easier, and more accurately.

Click here for additional information about Ecreativeworks’ sales tax automation services, or contact Ecreativeworks today to put their Avatax program to work on your business’ website.

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