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The Industrial Marketplace Web is an industrial company and product directory created to educate and share information with new comers, marketers, sales representatives, buyers, specifiers and engineers in the Industrial Marketplace. New comers to the industrial market can browse our product & services directory to learn more about the many different services and solutions within the industrial market; engineers, specifiers, and buyers can use the directory to find direct solution providers; and industrial companies can use the Company Profile Directory to promote their business.

The Industrial Marketplace Web is your growing resource for content, companies and references for services and products from CNC machining and metal stamping to robotic depalletizers,  thermal oxidizers and plastic injection molding. The Industrial Marketplace Web offers detailed descriptions of the various industrial products and services, the latest news and press releases within the market, and our directories steer you painlessly to the solution providers you’re seeking.

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Recent Posts

Bulk Material Testing

June 21st 2016 under Definitions

Bulk material handling systems help keep products moving. Bulk material testing is a process that allows manufacturers to see how bulk material handling systems will work in their facility before actually installing them. Engineers from companies like Nol-Tec recreate the conditions of a manufacturer’s plant and perform application and site-specific tests.
Retrofitting a manufacturing facility is a sizable undertaking and a significant investment. Manufacturers want to be confident that a bulk material handling system will work before they start the process […]

A solid bulk material handling system offers numerous benefits such as:

Preventing material degradation
Preventing product loss
Reducing equipment wear
Preventing combustible dust explosions

But how will it work in your plant? How will it work with your materials? The best way to answer this question is to recreate the conditions of your plant elsewhere and do a dry run. That might sound like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are companies that provide testing for bulk material handling systems. Nol-Tec will recreate your plants and its conditions […]

When you’re dusting your deviled eggs with paprika, do you ever stop to wonder where those tiny red flakes come from? Yes, they come from dried chili peppers, but how do they end up in those little bottles that you store in the spice rack above the sink?
Bulk material handling conveyors carry a wide range of products — including spices — and help them get to their final destination.  Food and beverage industry manufacturers rely on these conveyors because they […]

Many people see “EDM” and thinking of thumping music and glow sticks. (That’s “Electric Dance Music” in case you’re unfamiliar.) But for maunfacturers of complex parts, EDM stands for something very different: Electric Discharge Machining.
EDM is extremely versatile. Manufacturers cut parts with intricate detail using this highly-sophisticated technology for industries that require tight tolerances and top quality, like the aerospace industry, the military and the electronics industry.
American Wire EDM has a page on their site that offers a complete overview […]

LEMO connectors are the original push-pull locking connectors, designed for ease of use in demanding electronics applications. Their self-latching push-pull connection system provides quick and easy mating and unmating, as well as reliable protection against vibration, shock, and cable pull. Manufactured in Switzerland with typical Swiss precision and quality, LEMO connectors are available in over 75,000 different varieties, making it easy to find the right electronic interconnect product for nearly any application.