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Tool Post Grinder

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A tool post grinder is a portable grinding machine. Designed to mount onto the compound rest of a lathe, it takes the place of the tool post. These devices are commonly used to machine materials and workpieces that are too hard to cut via traditional turning processes, as well as to machine pieces that require very fine finishes. [caption id="attachment_4580" align="aligncenter" width="500"]tool post grinder Photo courtesy of Dumore Tools.[/caption]


For proper operation, the tool post grinder must be aligned on-center with the lathe; centering holes on the spindle shaft guarantee the correct alignment. When installed, the grinder’s grinding wheel takes the place of the lathe cutting tool, where it can perform most of the same operations for which a cutting tool is used. Tool post grinders can create cylindrical, tapered, and internal surfaces.

Tool Post Grinder Manufacturers

  • Dumore Tools is an industry-leading manufacturer of tool post grinders and other grinding and drilling equipment. For over a century, Dumore has been the #1 choice of professional craftsmen for reliable, accurate, high quality grinding tools and drills.