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Medical Instruments and Supplies

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Medical suppliers provide parts and instruments used in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These products include adhesives, screws, fasteners, IV products, electronic components, trauma kits, tubing, sterilization equipment, and much more. The manufacturing of these products must adhere to strict FDA regulations and often requires rigorous testing to ensure quality and prevent product failure.

Medical Instrument and Supplies Manufacturers and Distributors

  • DUKE Empirical, Inc. is a contract manufacturer providing medical instruments and product manufacturing for OEMs. The company also manufactures standard medical product lines that OEMs can purchase and brand as their own.
  • Hospital Facility Services specializes in medical gas equipment sales and offers consulting, system maintenance, project management, and repair services to engineers, contractors, and facilities.
  • Mahe Medical manufactures over 10,000 various ISO certified and FDA approved medical instruments and supplies for medical device companies. Their products are used in devices for Traumatology, Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Spine Surgery, Veterinary Surgical Instruments, and more. They also work closely with medical professionals to design and develop new and innovative products.
  • TouchPoint Medical partners with healthcare facilities around the world to deliver a variety of medical carts, mounts, & medication management solutions.