Skolnik Industries Inc.

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Skolnik Industries Inc.
4900 S. Kilbourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632

Company Profile

Skolnik Industries has remained the world’s leading Stainless Steel Wine Barrel Manufacturer since 1985 and has been manufacturing a variety of container solutions for over 70 years. Located in Chicago, IL, our manufacturing plant ships stainless steel wine barrels to vintners and wineries around the world. Our full line of stainless steel wine barrels and cooperage meet the special needs of winemakers in all stages of development, fermentation, maturation, and storage of fine wine. Stainless steel wine barrels are available in 50 different styles in 6 different capacity options, including conventional wine barrels, bilge style barrels, and crevice-free barrels in gallon sizes ranging from 16 to 80. Skolnik Industries is driven to exceed customer satisfaction as measured by our customer relationships, product dependability, and value.


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