Pneumatic Manifolds

A pneumatic manifold is a device that creates a junction point for the distribution of media through a pneumatic system. They are designed to distribute fluids or gases (depending on the pneumatic system) from a single input source through multiple output ports.

Pneumatic manifolds in various materials of construction.

Pneumatic manifolds are made with two outputs or more, with the maximum number of outputs being dependent on the pressure load of the pneumatic system—the system must be sufficiently powerful to pump its media through all the outputs, or the system will fail. The higher the number of output ports, the higher pressure the system requires.

A pneumatic manifold may be manufactured out of any of a number of materials. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon, and many other materials are commonly used. The material of construction depends on the function and capacity of the pneumatic system itself.

Pneumatic manifolds are available in a range of configurations, including inline manifolds, with all output ports in a single row; 90° manifolds with outputs built at 90° angles; dual manifolds, which allow two independent flow paths; and many others.

Connecting input and output lines to the ports of a pneumatic manifold is generally as easy as screwing two pipe ends together. Most pneumatic manifolds are manufactured with NPT or other standard threading. Other connection methods may be used, again depending on the needs of the pneumatic system.

Pneumatic Manifold Manufacturers:

  • Pneumadyne, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing innovative and effective pneumatic manifolds for almost 40 years. The company offers a wide selection of in stock styles and sizes, as well as custom options, to meet any customer’s plumbing and installation requirements.
  • Polyconn is your Master WAIRhouse® for any pneumatic application. For more than 40 years, they have remained a top supplier of high-quality, wholesale pneumatic pipe fittings, manifolds, and fluid power components. 
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