Industrial Sewing Supplies

Industrial sewing supplies are used by clothing manufacturers, mattress factories, binderies, and other businesses that utilize large-scale sewing machines and equipment.  These products include domestic and industrial sewing machine needles, sewing machine parts, scissors, chemicals, lubricants, and other supplies needed for large-scale sewing operations. Types of industrial sewing equipment include:

  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Book Binding Machines
  • Mattress Machines
  • Industrial Quilting Machines

Industrial Sewing Supply Manufacturers & Distributors

  • Diamond Needle Corp. is a distributor of industrial sewing supplies, including ORGAN needles, sewing machine parts, scissors, and more. They carry an inventory of over 100,000 sewing products and offer same-day shipping and competitive prices.
  • Siska, Inc. is a leading provider of shoe eyelets, apparel eyelets, and other supplies for the garment industry. They stock over 250 million industrial and apparel fasteners, as well as setting machines an dies.
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