Cable & Wire Rope Assemblies

Cable and wire rope assemblies are cable systems fabricated from stainless steel, galvanized steel, or similar materials in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of the wire and cable is determined by the type of load the finished assembly must support. Terminals and end fittings such as eyelets, balls, thimbles, sleeves, and eyes are added to the ends to allow the assembly to be attached to objects or fitted into equipment. For corrosive environments, coatings made of PVC, nylon or other materials are applied to the wires to provide protection from moisture, salt spray, or chemicals.

Wire rope and cable assemblies are used across a range of industries including construction, agriculture, machinery, aviation, military, medical, heavy equipment, lighting, and several others.

Cable and Wire Rope Assembly Providers

  • NCA provides custom wire rope and cable assemblies and lanyards in a variety of cable materials and a range of end fitting and terminal options.  They provide bare and coated cable options, including Mil-Spec and DFARS cables.
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