Self-Closing Gates Provide Safety & Ease of Use

As the name suggests, a self-closing gate is a gate that closes automatically after the user passes through. In most cases, the self-closing action is achieved via a spring or springs, which extend as the gate is opened and retract to pull the gate closed. More advanced models may utilize electronic motors to close the gate after use.

A typical self-closing gate. Photo courtesy of Dakota Safety.

A typical self-closing gate. Photo courtesy of Dakota Safety.

Self-closing gates are frequently found in manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities. Rather than being used as a “traditional” gate would be—that is, to provide access to a fenced-in area—self-closing gates in these situations are generally used as safety barriers to warn personnel of potential hazards. Common installations include:

  • At the base and top of stairways and ladders to draw attention to falling dangers
  • Along the borders of high traffic areas where forklifts or other mobile equipment may be traveling through the walking path
  • Near heavy machinery, electrical systems, or other potentially dangerous stationary equipment

Because of attendant safety requirements, most industrial self-closing gates are designed to meet OSHA standards for top- and mid-rail height. They are generally constructed of heavy-duty materials, and are often painted “safety yellow” or other high-visibility colors. Most manufacturers offer a variety of standard gate sizes that will fit most installations; some also offer custom self-closing gates to fit specific openings that do not conform to “standard” sizes.

Many self-closing gates are designed to swing in both directions for ease of use. This allows users to open a gate simply by pushing it from whichever side he or she is on, a boon when the user has his or her hands full.

Self-Closing Gate Suppliers

  • Dakota Safety, a leading provider of fall protection systems and safety products, offers self-closing gates for industrial applications. Their OSHA-compliant gates use stainless steel torsion springs for their closing action and are built with uniquely strong single-pull, double-latching mechanisms for added safety.
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