Innovations in Plastics Machining

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Plastic parts are usually made in a process called injection molding — molten plastic is injected into a mold and left to harden into the desired shape. Though it has some drawbacks, injection molding is popular for plastic parts because plastics are notoriously difficult to machine.

Surgical caddy machined by Upland Fab.

Surgical caddy machined by Upland Fab.

Enter Upland Fab. Based in California, Upland Fab is one of the few manufacturers capable of machining plastics into complex parts.

What does it take to successfully machine plastics?

1. Technology

CNC technologies like CNC milling, CNC turning, 5-axis machining and cryogenic deburring eliminate human error and make it possible to achieve tighter tolerances.

2. Experience. 

Machining plastics is a highly specialized skill. Upland Fab employs engineers and technicians who have been doing this work for years. They understand the materials they work with very well and know how these materials respond to various machining techniques.

For more information about plastics machining, visit Upland Fab.


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