Custom Converting & Custom Fabrication

Essentially interchangeable terms, custom converting and custom fabrication involve the creation of completely custom products that are designed and manufactured to match the exact specifications of the converter/fabricator’s client.

In some cases, the custom converting and fabrication process begins at the design stages. The converter/fabricator will work with the client to finalize the design of the part or product at hand, to make it easier to manufacture and, therefore, less expensive. Once the design is confirmed, the converter/fabricator procures the materials required; this is often considered part of the design stage, as materials can dictate the manufacturing process(es) used.

Any dies, tooling, or special equipment required for converting and fabrication are manufactured or otherwise procured by the converter/fabricator. Finishing, packaging, and shipping—or at the very least, delivery to the client—of the end product is also covered by the converter/fabricator. For the most part, custom fabrication and converting is a turnkey process, with every aspect of manufacture and all related secondary and tertiary procedures covered by the service provider.

Custom Converters & Fabricators

  • Fabri-Tech specializes in custom converting and custom fabricating, and produces nothing but custom products. Their full-service custom converting/fabrication capabilities allow them to turn any customer design into a tangible product.
  • Rathbun is a 3M Preferred Converter providing custom converting and kitting services including rotary die cutting, laser cutting, die cutting, lamination, and slitting and rewinding.
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