Combat Viruses & Infection with Antimicrobial Copper & Copper Alloys

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Copper is a powerful antimicrobial material with intrinsic hygienic benefits that provides broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and viruses. Peer-reviewed, published data from laboratory studies conducted by Professor Bill Keevil at the UK’s University of Southampton shows copper’s ability to quickly and completely inactivate norovirus; other research has proven the material effective against MRSA, E. coli, and other biothreats.

Copper alloys, including brasses and bronzes, share this unique property as well. Results of numerous clinical trials have shown that these materials, collectively known as “antimicrobial copper,” continuously reduce surface contamination by over 80 percent.

A “No Touch” Solution for Touch Surfaces

To help maintain high levels of cleanliness, many healthcare, veterinary, and other clean-critical facilities have replaced frequently-touched surfaces with copper or copper alloy materials. Table tops, desktops, door handles, faucets, drawer, cabinet handles, and even chair arms and computer mice can be swapped out for antimicrobial copper equivalents to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial copper materials are also unique in that they are “no touch” solutions—no special measures are needed for them to continuously kill pathogens. Installing copper touch surfaces will create a more hygienic environment, with fewer viruses and bacteria that can cause infections.

Professor Keevil’s findings suggest that antimicrobial copper may also be effective against Ebola and similar viruses. “Based on our research on viruses of similar genetic structure, we expect copper surface to inactivate Ebola and to help control the spread of this virus if employed for publicly-touched surfaces,” Keevil said.

Others, such as Dr. Vinay Ramlaul, who runs a veterinary practice in Harare, Zimbabwe, have installed antimicrobial copper surfaces to help reduce cross-infection between patients. Ramlaul also points out the materials’ aesthetic benefits. “We’re very pleased with the copper touch surfaces. They’re easy to clean and present a bright, sterile image to our clients,” Ramlaul said. “We feel secure knowing that copper is continuously killing microbes being transmitted to the surfaces by both our clients and patients.”

Used in conjunction with other infection control measures like thorough handwashing and frequent surface cleaning and disinfection, antimicrobial copper provides another level of protection for patients and practitioners alike.

Antimicrobial Copper from Deeco Metals

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