Food Safety: Shatter Resistant Safety Bulbs from EncapSulite

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Waterproof lighting

Safe, waterproof lighting from EncapSulite

In a perfect world, food manufactured in plants would never come into contact with anything that wasn’t meant for human consumption. In reality, conveyor belts need lubricants to operate smoothly, and those lubricants may make ‘incidental contact‘ with the food. The US Food and Drug administration maintains a list of lubricants that are acceptable if they make ‘incidental contact’ with food. However, this list doesn’t begin and end with lubricants. Just about any substance, surface or item in a food manufacturing plant, cafeteria, bakery, grocery store, butcher shop or slaughter house needs to be approved by the FDA. And yes, that includes the lights.

EncapSulite Safety Coated Lamps

It sounds kind of strange at first; it’s not as if chickens in a slaughter house pass around lights like they’re glow sticks at a rave. The contact between food and lamps is probably pretty rare. However, if and when it does happen, it is important for said lights to be safe for contact with food. Also, you want lights that won’t shatter — you want to be sure that’s sugar on your Peeps and not broken glass, right? The FDA has approved Safety Coated Lamps by EncapSulite for use in meat processing plants, dairies, restaurants and many other establishments were food is processed, sold or served.

Safety Coated Lamps provide safe, waterproof lighting and can handle temperatures up to 400F. Designed to be shatter-resistant, these lamps are long-lasting, durable and have excellent chemical sensitivity. EncapSulite offers a range safety coated lamps, including fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and high intensity discharge lamps.

EncapSulite products can be found just about everywhere, from the aforementioned slaughter houses to casinos, nightclubs, neon signs and much more. The company is headquartered in Texas and has an international office in the United Kingdom.


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