ASB’s Newly Modernized Mesta Roll Grinder Delivers Superior Performance

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10 June 2014—ASB Industries has completed the modernization of their Mesta roll grinder, one of the company’s key pieces of equipment for over three decades. The new upgrades allow ASB to provide extremely accurate two axis grinding for complex roll crowns, incorporating a wide range of other thermal spray surfacing options.

ASB Industries, Inc., has been providing thermal spray coatings and advanced surfacing solutions since 1946. The company offers comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that improve the performance and durability of their customers’ parts, components, and equipment. Located in Barberton, Ohio, ASB has state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled thermal sprayers and machinists that allows them to offer industrial coating solutions that are customized to the unique needs of their customers.

ASB’s heavy-duty Mesta Cylindrical Grinder was completely remanufactured from the ground up. The machine is capable of processing workpieces up to 60” (1524 mm) in diameter and 288” (7315 mm) long. Upgrades allow it to retain its original capacity and capabilities, with the benefit of numerous usability and performance improvements.

A new Fagor 8065T CNC control system, specially designed for two-axis grinding operations, utilizes autotuning software that allows for fine-tuned grinding processes. The updated controls create more accurate finishes and are fully integrated to achieve two linear axes on both spindles for complex roll crown profiles. Roll profiles can be programmed via G-Code programming, CAD/CAM software, or Fagor’s onboard profile editor.

ASB also added a Renishaw touch probe for data collection purposes. All roll history data is documented during refurbishments and is transferable to Excel files for easy reference. Data and inspection reports are made available to ASB’s customers.

ASB's Mesta roll grinder

Additional upgrades include a new Dodge MagnaGear parallel shaft reducer gearbox unit, new bearings and belt drives, a Torit Mist Collector to minimize airborne grinding dust, and a Barnes Kleenall coolant cleaning unit and Rosedale secondary bag filter. Modifications to the grinding head will enable ASB to achieve near-theoretical grinding to center, improving the contact plane and the grinder’s versatility.

Alignment and levels of all of the Mesta grinder’s components was adjusted as needed and verified using a Hamar L-730 precision laser level. Lubrication lines and way covers were replaced, and custom wear guards were also installed.

ASB Industries’ completely rebuilt and modernized Mesta roll grinder will provide their customers with greater accuracy, verifiable to ISO standards, and more efficient automated production capabilities.

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