A Wealth of Protective Coatings from DECC

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The DECC Company has been a leader in industrial coating applications since 1964. Originally specializing in dry film lubricants, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company now offers an extensive range of industrial coating services, including dry film lubricants, high temperature resistant coatings, corrosion protective coatings, chemical resistant coatings, rubber bonding adhesives, FDA approved coatings, and more.

Dry film coatings are applied to gears, pins, and other mechanical components where other types of lubrication are inapplicable. Temperature resistant coatings are ideal for intake and exhaust manifolds, gaskets, and other components that operate under extremely high temperatures. Corrosion and chemical resistant protective coatings safeguard components against acids, oxygen, galvanic reactions, and other potentially harmful environmental factors. Rubber bonding adhesives are applied to metal parts to allow for better bonding of rubber to the substrate in over-molding operations; these coatings are essential to automotive and industrial manufacturing. FDA approved coatings are used in food, drug, cosmetic, and medical device manufacturing.

DECC also utilizes specialty coatings from some of the industry’s leading suppliers, including Magni coatings and many others.

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