Borated Polyethylene

Borated polyethylene is a specialized construction material commonly used in radiation shielding applications. The material is made from a special, high density polyethylene plastic that has been manufactured with five percent boron content (by weight). Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic in the world. There are many variations of polyethylene, based around the same chemical formula and with a similar mix of organic compounds. Boron is a chemical element with the atomic number 5 and chemical symbol B. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation, boron is a low-abundance element throughout the solar system and the earth’s crust. Chemically uncombined boron is not found naturally on Earth; though a difficult process, very pure boron can be produced scientifically.

Borated polyethylene’s unique structure makes it very light weight and easy to install and fabricate as needed. As with most engineered plastics, it is a highly durable material, and is effective across a wide temperature range.

Borated polyethylene effectively attenuates and absorbs several different types of radiation, including fast neutrons, thermal neutrons, primary gamma rays, and secondary gamma rays. This characteristic makes the material popular for use in building high intensity x-ray rooms, nuclear energy or storage facilities, particle accelerators, hot cells, medical vaults and vault doors, and research facilities.

Borated polyethylene sheets being installed.

Borated Polyethylene Manufacturers & Suppliers:

  • Radiation Protection Products offers borated polyethylene in numerous forms, including standard sized sheets (48” x 96” x 1”), custom sized sheets, blocks, and slabs.
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