LonWorks Gateways

LonWorks is a standard communications protocol used to establish systems interoperability throughout the industrial market, most commonly for building automation and other automation applications. The LonWorks protocol is designed to enable equipment and devices manufactured by different OEMs to operate on the same software system and from the same user interface, generally an external PC with accompanying software. Both on-site and remotely accessed interfaces can be used to control a LonWorks-enabled system.

A LonWorks gateway is used to access a LonWorks network implicitly as a bound device or explicitly via data transfer parameters. This gateway can function as a LonWorks client when used as a polling device or as a LonWorks server when being polled.

A complete system using a LonWorks network and LonWorks gateways can be used to control lighting, HVAC, and other electronically-controlled systems in single buildings, large manufacturing facilities, and even entire campuses of buildings. A LonWorks gateway allows for fast, simple automated control of nearly any LonWorks-ready device.

LonWorks Gateway Providers:

  • ProtoCessor is an industry leader in multi-protocol interface solutions for OEMs. They provide LonWorks gateways, as well as interfaces for other systems such as Modbus, BACnet, and more.
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