Fire Safe

A fire safe (or fire resistant safe) is a type of safe specifically designed to withstand intense high heat and actual fires. They are usually rated according to the amount of time they can withstand said extreme temperatures while not exceeding a predetermined internal temperature (for example, >400°F for 30-plus minutes). Most fire safes are typically rated between one-half hour and four hours, and temperature ratings of 1500°F or higher are not uncommon.

Fire resistant safes are generally constructed with very thick, high density walls and doors. Most models utilize some sort of expandable, heat-resistant gasket around the door which expands in high temperatures to completely seal the safe and protect its contents during a fire.

Different countries have different standards for the rating and regulation of fire resistant safes. In the United States, the writing of fire safe standards and fire safe testing is performed by the Underwriters Laboratories. In the UK, the current standard is BS EN-1047.

Fire safe providers:

  • SoCal Safe, America’s leading provider of safes, cash management systems, and emergency service, offers a large inventory of fire safe and fire resistant safe models. They supply numerous types of gun safes, high security safes, and residential safes that meet or exceed current UL fire safe standards.
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