Customized High Torque Couplings Now Available From Zero-Max

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23 July 2012—Customized high torque CD® couplings up to 20 inches in diameter, handling 78,000 Nm peak torque, are now available from Zero-Max.

Available to system designers seeking the most robust coupling for extremely large and challenging applications, these “super sized” couplings combine the highest torsional stiffness and high load capacity in this coupling design to date.

With torsional stiffness of 419,000 Nm/DEG, and continuous torque of 39,000 Nm, these CD couplings have angular misalignment capacity of 1.5 degrees with axial misalignment of 6.5 mm and parallel misalignment of 0.24 mm.

Zero-Max High Torque Couplings

Designed around the unique composite center disc, Zero-Max’s super-sized CD couplings  perform at their peak torques in the most hostile operating environments—from extreme cold to hot weather conditions of -70° to 250°F (-57° to 121°C). Time-proven applications include drive trains, gear boxes, and generators providing trouble-free operation in sea water and abrasive desert sand conditions.

The couplings’ composite center discs are manufactured to strict aerospace and Six Sigma practices. The hub material is 1045 HR steel with fasteners made of titanium 6AL4V grade 5 materials. All components are tested with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for predictable characteristics.

“The demand for super-sized CD couplings is growing rapidly, especially in different areas of the energy industry,” reports Kevin Wells, Regional Sales Manager at Zero-Max. “We see this as an important new trend and are pleased to do our part in making this industry more productive and efficient using our coupling technology.

For more information on these high torque couplings, call Zero-Max at 800-533-1731; outside the US and Canada, call 1-763-546-4300. Contact them via email at, or visit them online at Write to Zero-Max at 13200 Sixth Avenue North, Plymouth, MN55441-5509, or contact them via fax at 763-546-8260.

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