MICRALOX® Passes Stringent Saltwater Spray Test for Marine Applications

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Woonsocket,RI(June 22, 2012) — Sanford Process Corporation, a division of Katahdin Industries, announces the results of a rigorous saltwater test on its anodic coating product, MICRALOX®. After 15,000 hours of exposure to 4-6% salt spray per MIL-A-8625F, aluminum treated with MICRALOX® experienced no pitting. Normal anodizing is expected to withstand 336 hours of saltwater spray. MICRALOX® passed 15,000 hours, or a 4,400% increase. Given that this is an accelerated test, the lack of corrosion after such an extended period indicates a very high capability to perform in real life conditions.

Saltwater ion corrosion is a leading cause of corrosion for aluminum, as the sodium and chloride ions easily react with aluminum. Over time, corrosion leads to mechanical failure of the metal. Therefore, to increase corrosion resistance in this area is to lengthen the useful life of the parts, and broaden the applications where aluminum parts can be used.

According to Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Corporation, “This makes MICRALOX® an ideal application in marine environments. Obviously, there is a lot of exposure for saltwater spray on a boat. Given aluminum’s weight to strength ratio, it is an ideal material for nautical hardware.” Marine equipment using chromate coatings, an alternative for corrosion resistance, contain heavy metals. Chrome 6 is increasingly regulated, and will eventually be eliminated, as it is a carcinogen and has high bio-toxicity.

MICRALOX® is a patent-pending aluminum oxide coating developed by the Sanford Process Corporation. Based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the Sanford Process Corporation has been a leading producer and innovator of metal finishing solutions since the 1960s, and are recognized worldwide for their low voltage AC/DC aluminum hard coat rectification technology. The company began licensing MICRALOX® in 2011. The Sanford Process Corporation is a division of Katahdin Industries. For more information, please visit them online at https://www.micralox.com/.

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