Lockout Tagout Supplies

Lockout tagout supplies are needed to perform the necessary safety procedures associated with lockout tagout (LOTO) or “lock and tag.” Lockout tagout ensures that dangerous machines and equipment are properly shut off and not able to be started up again until necessary maintenance or servicing work has been completed.

Lockout tagout supplies are generally brightly colored–usually red or yellow–for increased visibility. These devices are also usually designed and constructed to prevent their removal, and to show obvious evidence of tampering and unauthorized or forced removal.

Types of Lockout Tagout Supplies

There is a vast assortment of lockout tagout supplies available. Each item is uniquely suited to the particular piece of equipment it is designed to lock and tag. These devices include, among others:

  • Cable lockouts can be used to LOTO small valves, levers, and other devices with rotating or turning handles.
  • Electrical lockouts are used to block, cover, or otherwise prohibit the use of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and wall switches.
  • Pneumatic lockouts are applied directly to the output (male plug) of compressed air systems and prevent their use by making it impossible to connect pneumatic devices to the plug.
  • Group lock boxes can be used to securely store all keys for a piece of equipment in a single location, thus preventing the equipment’s use.
  • Placards allow you to properly mark your facility with equipment specific LOTO procedures, helping improve efficiency and minimizing downtime. LOTO placards should comply with OSHA lockout standard 1910.147.
  • Other sundry lockout tagout supplies include padlocks, signs, and tags

Lockout Tagout Supply Manufacturers

  • Lomont IMT is a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products, including lockout tagout supplies. A subsidiary of Lomont Molding, Inc., the company produces high-quality safety marking products for use in all industries.

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