Spooled Twist Ties

Spooled twist ties are standard twist ties (a thing wire center covered in either plastic or paper). While most twist ties are sold in precut lengths, spooled twist ties come contiguous and uncut, typically in spools at least 1,000 feet in length. Spooled twist ties can be cut to any length, and the primary use of spooled twist ties is to function with twist tie machines that automatically apply the ties.

Spooled Twist Tie Suppliers

  • SupplyPlaza is a supplier of all varieties of twist ties and is an online source to buy spooled twist ties from an in-house stocking supplier. SupplyPlaza stocks spooled twist ties in 1,500 foot lengths and seven different colors, and all spooled twist tie orders are shipped same day for orders placed before 3pm eastern time. In addition to spooled twist ties Supply Plaza stocks cut length twist ties in paper and plastic, write-on and seasonal ties, and metallic cut length twist ties.

Spooled Twist Tie Applications

Spooled twist ties are used for everything that standard twist ties are used for. There are only two advantages to the spooled twist ties that make them desirable than the otherwise more convenient precut ties:

  • Any Length: spooled twist ties can be cut in any length desired, including lengths of several feet (or several hundred feet for that matter). This is occasionally desirable for crafts uses, and in almost all instances spooled twist ties are used for situations in which longer or highly variable lengths are required, since most shorter lengths are easily available in pre-cut sizes.
  • Twist Tie Machines: used primarily my food manufacturers, twist tie machines automatically seal foot in back with twist ties. The most common and well-known example is packaged precut bread purchased in grocery stores, which is often closed with twist ties. These ties are applied automatically by machine making use of spooled twist ties, which feed continuously through the machine and are cut into appropriate lengths by the twist tie machine. The reason the machines prefer spooled twist ties is mostly to prevent machine jams — a machine designed to use precut lengths would risk having the leading edge of a tie bend and jam the machine. A secondary benefit is that the twist tie machine can be set to cut the ties at different lengths.
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