Truck Door Seals

Metal truck door seal

Truck Door Seals are a metal or plastic seal or lock that is placed on the rear door of shipping containers — including air freight, railroad containers and trucking containers — that lock the door in place. A truck door seal is a kind of security seal. Unlike a lock, the truck door seal cannot be opened once it has been sealed — it must be cut off.

Truck door seals feature a unique serial number printed on the seal, making them tamper evident. Thus even if the seal is cut away and replaced with an identical seal, the serial number will not be the same, providing evidence that the shipment has been tampered with.

Truck Door Seal Providers

  • SupplyPlaza carries a complete line of security seals for all applications, including metal truck door seals for the highest in shipping security. In addition to the metal seals, SupplyPlaza also carries plastic truck door seals for shipping container security that is easier to remove. All truck door seals include sequential serial numbering.
  • Andfel Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of products. The company offers a large selection of truck door seals, including metal and plastic truck door seals, bolt seals, cable seals, and more.

Metal vs Plastic Truck Door Seals

Truck door seals are manufactured in both metal and plastic varieties. The basic concept and usage of each is identical. Both secure the door of the truck or shipping container and both have serial numbers to provide tamper evidence, but the plastic truck door seals have a substantially lower breaking strength.

This means that the plastic truck door seals are much easier to remove, while the metal truck door seals provide greater break-in deterrence. The metal seals often require heavy duty clippers or bolt cutters to remove (which the driver typically supplies) and a shipping container sealed with a metal truck door seal is much more difficult for break-ins of opportunity — though a focused intent to break in can be easily accomplished with bolt cutters.

Plastic truck door seals are most often used on lower security shipments and for domestic shipping. They still prevent casual entry but a simple pocket knife is usually enough to remove the security seal at the destination. Plastic truck door seals are also less expensive, making them a popular choice for shipping companies that automatically include the seals on every shipment.

Truck Door Seals & Freight Companies

Shipping companies are increasingly making use of some form of truck door seals for every shipment automatically, rather than specifically using them only when greater security or more valuable cargo is being shipped.

The cost of plastic truck door seals is very low and the presence of the truck door seal provides liability protection for the trucking company. By sealing the truck as soon as the shipment is loaded and noting the security number of the seal in the tracking computer system, the shipping company can provide reasonable proof that no member of the company — even the driver — had accessed the shipment in any way before it was delivered.

This also provides an investigative ability to track the source of errors when errors do occur, since the truck door seal proves that any inventory loss happened before the truck left the shipping center.

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