Specifiers Industrial Definition

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Within the industrial market, a Specifier is a designer, engineer or production worker who determines the types of material to be used in a particular project, especially for a project that is put into bid proposals and job contract. The specifier may be referred to as the Organization Specifier.

Specifier Duties

In companies that make use of the specifier position, the specifier acts as an information gathering source between the engineer and the buyer. Once the engineering department comes up with a design, the specifier takes the design and comes up with a list of materials needed for manufacturing. This list includes very exacting specifications including the grade of materials and the timeline that the parts or materials are needed.

The specifier defines the nature, characteristics, and features of the materials to be used, including specific quality criteria and brand names (sometimes “or equivalents”).

Typically the spec document created by the specifier is then passed along to the buyer who makes the final purchasing decision or recommendation. In this process flow the specifier is responsible for creating a list of materials and equipment needs for a project, and the buyer is responsible for sourcing those materials. While the specifier is primarily interested in the materials and requirements of the project, the buyer is interested in cost and lead times and works to find the best provider that can meet the specifiers specifications.

Types of Specifiers

Depending on the organization, the role of specifier can be filled by a number of different people. If the product is still in development, the material may be chosen by the product design engineer, or the process engineer, often after consultation with the manufacturing company’s materials scientist, or materials specialist.

In theory the specifier has a vast knowledge of materials and processes and thus is uniquely qualified to choose the best materials and equipment for the job.

Most companies have someone filling the role of specifier, but often do not have a full-time specifier position. Often the specifier for any given project is assigned to an engineer familiar with the project.

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