LVDT Transducers & Probes

A LVDT transducer (Linear Variable Differential Transducer) is a sensor that is used as part of gauging systems and used for measuring linear displacement. A LVDT sensor is specifically used in contact-type gauging applications and the LVDT sensor is capable of resolutions as small as a few millionths of an inch.

Internally, an LVDT transducer is made up of three end-to-end solenoidal coils. The center coil is the primary, while the two outer coils are secondary. These coils are surrounded by a one-piece, hollow form. When measuring, the coil assembly generally remains stationary, while a separate ferromagnetic tubular core moves through the center of the coils. The moving core is attached to the measured object; as it moves, the linkage between the primary and secondary coils changes, altering their induced voltages. This change in voltage is registered by a synchronous detector and used to determine measurements.

LVDT Transducer Manufacturers

Kurt Engineered Systems: Kurt is a leading manufacturer of precisions gauge systems, including robust LVDT transducer models that can survive in the harshest environments. Kurt LVDT sensors integrate with the KurtUSB interface hardware. Kurt manufactures LVDT sensors for spring and pneumatic extend probes in both digital and analog LVDT transducers.

Gauging and LVDT

In the precision gauging process for horizontal and vertical machining centers the LVDT transducer is used to physically contact the part being measured. Thus only contact-type gauging systems make use of the LVDT transducer.

LVDT probes can be either analog or digital in their measuring and the probes themselves are extended into contact with the surface being measured either pneumatically or via spring. LVDT transducers are an essential part of any precision gauging system in a machining center environment.


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