HDPE Pipe or High Density Polyethylene pipe is a flexible and sturdy pipe option that can be used for any number of ductwork or conduit applications. HDPE pipe provides an inexpensive and lightweight alternative to traditional metal, concrete, clay or ceramic pipes. It provides superior impact resistance and can withstand a broad range of corrosive or abrasive environments.

HDPE Pipe Manufacturers

  • Chapman Electric  is a leading provider of supplies and equipment for the electrical industry, including HDPE Conduit and HDPE Accessories. The company works a number of suppliers to provide high products for the electrical industry.

HDPE Pipe Advantages

  • A high level of flexibility allows for easy installation and increased usability in applications where obstacles are an issue.
  • Pipes can be manufactured in longer lengths than other materials, allowing for fewer joints.
  • Pipe joints can be fused together with the use of heat, ensuring a strong joint that is resistant to leaks.
  • Pipe material maintains its structural integrity under pressure and against impact.
  • HDPE effectively resists chemical and environmental corrosion and abrasion.
  • Long service life aids in the reduction of costs over time.
  • Smooth and corrugated pipe styles are available.
  • Lightweight material makes transportation and installation easier, leading to reduced costs.

Industry Applications

The resilient HDPE pipe provides an effective conduit solution for telecommunications, electrical, and utilities industries to ensure the protection of cables and lines in just about any environment.

Engineers and contractors frequently use HDPE pipe in residential, agricultural, recreational, and structural applications because of its inherent strength and flexibility and cost effective production and installation options.

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