Stretch Film

Stretch film, also referred to as stretch wrap, is a convenient and cost effective product for packaging individual units or pieces into a larger unit. The film provides a superior level of protection for the wrapped products from damage or contaminates. Stretch films provide secure load holding force (determined by weight of load and the surface uniformity) for nearly any shape or size of package, pallet, or collection of smaller units while reducing the overall costs associated with secondary packaging.

There are three primary types of stretch film that provide a varying range of properties and benefits:

  • Cast Film – Clear, glossy film that provides consistent cling and thickness, high resistance to tearing, and a relatively quiet unwind process.
  • Blown Film – Hazy, dull film that provides high load force and very high resistance to tearing or puncture. The unwind process is relatively noisy.
  • Metallocene Film – Similar to cast film in terms of general properties but with a higher force on the load and greater resistance to tears or puncture.

The best stretch film to use for your packaging needs will be determined by a variety of factors including weight of the load, shape and surface uniformity of the load, and price point.

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