Dyna-Graphics’ New Folex Film for PCBs Provides Explosion & ESD Protection

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Dyna-Graphics Corporation has begun integrating Folex GO-MA/2K ESD film in their graphic overlays for PCB membrane switches to provide protection against ESD and explosions.

Chaska, Minnesota-based Dyna-Graphics is an award-winning manufacturer of membrane switch panels, touch screen terminals, graphic overlays, and many other similar products. Their products are used in the agricultural, medical, and scientific industries, as well as many other applications. The inclusion of the new Folex film into their products is another of the technological innovations that have made the company an industry leader.

Folex GO-MA/2K ESD film is an “interesting new material we found in Europe that’s not available in the United States [market] yet,” said Ed Wulff, Vice President of Dyna-Graphics. “It has an embedded conductive surface,” Wulff added, that makes it an ideal explosion and ESD preventing safety measure in highly static- or electrically-conductive environments.

This new graphic overlay film contains rugged conductive particles in its decorative layer which dissipate static and electrical charges, including those created by the human body, at surface resistances between 10(6) and 10(9) ohms, without causing any spark discharge.

In addition to preventing electrostatic discharges that can damage electronic equipment and potentially dangerous explosions, Dyna-Graphics’ Folex film graphic overlays also help counteract surface contamination caused by statically-attracted dust particles. The conductive particles in the graphic overlay film are visually inconspicuous.

Dyna-Graphics has used Folex GO-MA/2K ESD film to create thin explosion- and ESD-protection surfaces with high mechanical and chemical resistance that can be easily printed on to include company logos, legends, and the like. This process previously required the use of conductor pastes, which was ultimately a costly and complex process. Using Folex film allows Dyna-Graphics to create essentially the same—but in many ways superior—products for their customers faster, and at lower cost.

To learn more about Dyna-Graphics’ new Folex explosion- and ESD-protection graphic overlay film, call them at 800-959-0108 or contact them via their website. Visit https://www.dyna-graphics.com/ for more information on Dyna-Graphics’ many state-of-the-art membrane switch products.

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