Sump Pump Alarms

Sump pumps require electrical power to run, and cease working when the power fails. Also, sump pumps can have mechanical failures that lead to malfunction. Sump pump alarms can detect water levels when sump pumps stop working, alerting property owners to the situation before flooding occurs.

Sump Pump Alarm Manufacturers

  • Control Products Online sells sump pump alarms for contractors, plumbing and HVAC.
  • Protected Home sells sump pump monitoring alarms for home use.
  • Proteus Sensors manufactures Wi-Fi sump pump sensors┬áthat send an alert via text or email when liquid levels reach past a specified point. Their sensors install quickly and can be used for sump pumps, pools, or Jacuzzi tubs.

Sump Pump Alarm Use

Sump pump alarms are installed within the water hold, and they function by detecting water levels rising above a certain threshold. It’s possible in situations of extreme flooding that water levels can rise faster than a sump pump can pump the water out, but in most cases when sump pump alarms are triggered it’s an indication that there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the sump pump.

Sump pump alarms are relatively inexpensive — a trivial cost when compared with the sump pump system — and sump pump alarms are considered a vital part of a sump pump system to prevent basement flooding.

Sump pump alarms can very literally be the difference between a dry basement and thousands of dollars of flooding damage.


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