Security Gun Storage

In the law enforcement, government and military industry a high security gun locker is an important piece of furniture. For storing guns and even evidence a locker with a tamper-proof lock and combination is crucial for safety, privacy and carrying out legal cases. The FBI, CIA and Homeland Security use security gun storage lockers and evidence cabinets for maximum confidence. For citizens a safe, secure gun cabinet is ideal for safety for children and to prevent theft.

Companies Providing Security Gun Storage

  • Fasco Security Products. High security gun lockers, evidence security lockers, and gun cabinets. Located in Ham Lake, MN.

Security Gun Storage: Gun Lockers & Cabinets

Many elements go into the security of a gun safe, including the thickness of the walls, the construction of the door, the size and footprint, and of course the gun cabinet locking mechanism itself. Gun security storage solutions are often rating by how long it would take a concerted assault (with common power tools, or through lock picking) to get through the door.

Some of the elements to consider in security gun storage include:

  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Fire Proofing
  • Bolt Layout
  • Door Seals
  • Hinges
  • Interior Layout
  • Interior Lighting
  • Locking Mechanizm
  • Water Proofing
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Wall Thickness

Security Gun Storage: Gun Locker Laws

In some states, including California, licensed owners of firearms are required to possess some form of security gun storage, or else the firearms owners face liability if their guns are stolen. In these cases a gun locker or gun safe isn’t just a good idea and an important safety step, but it’s also necessary to protect against legal liability in the event of theft.We identify the most important qualities you should look for in a safe, and help you with the tough decisions, such as “Should I get a digital lock or a dial lock?”, “What kind of fire-proofing is most effective?”, “How big a safe do I really need?”, and “What interior works best with long-barreled scoped rifles?” We review many of the better safes on the market, including innovative designs from Browning, and Zanotti. Plus you’ll find expert advice on how to install your safe in your home and how to keep the contents free from rust.

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