Precision Metal Stamping Can Help Manufacturers’ Bottom Line

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Precision Metal Stamping Can Help Manufacturers’ Bottom Line

December 5, 2008 — Tempco Manufacturing helps to streamline manufacturing process and reduce cost. Through precision metal stamping and high quality metal stamping machinery Tempco helps companies improve their manufacturing. How to improve manufacturing ROI with metal stamping.

Tempco Manufacturing announces custom capabilities for metal stamping. In the struggling economy companies are looking to reduce costs. A custom metal stamping job shop can tailor a cost-effective project that may reduce overall spending. For companies who implement letter engraving, three dimensional metal parts and other metal surface detailing to their products and parts, streamlining this process could be the key to cost reduction in manufacturing. Some metal stamping presses are manual while others are computerized which increases overall stamping speed. Tempco precision metal stamping company now carries a variety of small and large punch presses. The company carries Bliss, Niagra, Toledo and Hartup metal stamping equipment which ensures top-of the line precision stamping. Tempco Manufacturing provides expert metal stamping services to a variety of markets such as the aerospace, medical, heating and air conditioning and construction industries. Custom metal stamping is responsible for appliance manufacturing, kiosks, telecommunications and even medical supplies.

Sheet metal stamping is a process used to form metal objects into a customized shape. Metal stamping is used in many markets due to its precision. Metal stamping is a relatively simple process. Metal sheets are inserted into a press or die and molded to the desired shape. While the sheet is between the holder and the die, a punch descends which executes the metal forming. The required thickness for metal stamping sheets can vary depending on the application. Often very thin metal sheets can be formed reliably to produce your stamping project. The maximum thickness of metal sheet that can be formed is usually ¼ inch. As for the type of metal substrate appropriate for metal stamping a select variety are ideal: brass, steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium.

For Tempco to begin a custom metal stamping process the company must receive a detailed description, often in CAD format, of the proposed metal forming project. Tempco can expertly lead customers through a custom design process as well. If your business needs further direction in the customization of your project, Tempco ISO certified and can offer knowledgeable support.

Tempco Manufacturing of St. Paul, Minnesota is a one stop sheet metal stamping jobshop. Request a quote on a custom metal stamping project.

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