Mitchell Wreath Ring Partners with Ecreativeworks to Launch New Website

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Mitchell Wreath Rings
905 South State Street
Merrill, WI 54452
Phone 1800-967-7464

Merrill, Wisconsin—June 29, 2010: Mitchell Metal Products releases a new website, Mitchell Wreath Rings and is based out of west-central Wisconsin. They sell a wide variety of rings, wreath making machines and starter packs for wreath making. They serve the Christmas supply industry. Mitchell Wreath Rings are recognized around the world as the premier wire rings for Christmas and craft wreaths. The company enjoys its standing as one of the largest producers of wire wreath rings in North America. Their website offers volume discounts and early order discounts incentives. Mitchell Wreath Rings are viewed as simply the best wire rings for wreaths available.

Mitchell Wreath Rings partnered with Ecreativeworks to create a new website by providing website design, development, and internet marketing services. They worked on building the online presence of Mitchell Wreath Rings through a new ecommerce website, ease of usability and a completely new design. To visit their new site, go to

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