Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry Taps Ecreativeworks to Build New Company Website

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24 March 2011, Blue Island, IL—Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry, Inc., and Ecreativeworks have joined forces to create a new website,

Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry (MBAF) has been supplying brass, aluminum and bronze sand-molded castings for a variety of applications for over 80 years. The Blue Island, Illinois-based company uses a number of proven processes to create castings in all manner of configurations and up to 250 pounds. From high-voltage electrical to glass molding to food processing, MBAF’s castings are utilized in a wide array of industries. Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry specializes in custom casting solutions designed to meet their customers’ exact specifications.

A full-service provider of web design and development services, Ecreativeworks has worked with a broad range of companies, from small, independently owned businesses to major industrial corporations. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in Southern California, the company develops SEO programs, internet marketing ventures, and more for clients all across the country.

Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry wanted a website that showcased their unique capabilities and services. The site includes information on the materials and alloys MBAF works with, a rundown of the processes and equipment the foundry employs, and a special focus on their work in the food processing industry. Ecreativeworks and MBAF worked together to create a modern, user-friendly site. The new website,, is now live.

To learn more about Manufacturer’s Brass & Aluminum Foundry, Inc., and their world-class sand-molded casting services, visit them on the web at For additional information about how Ecreativeworks can help build you business’ online presence, visit

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