Humidity Alarms

Humidity alarms are used for any area sensitive to excessive humidity, such as computer rooms, wine cellars, humidors, animal confinement buildings, and any other space that is sensitive to changes in humidity. If the level of humidity exceeds a set level, the humidity alarm will dial out to a telephone number to alert designated individuals of the situation.

Humidity Alarm Manufacturers

Humidity Alarm Features

In addition to their basic function of warning of too-high humidity levels, humidity alarms commonly have a set of additional features, which vary by model. While the standard humidity alarm used for computer server rooms and wine cellars triggers a call to a specified number, humidity alarms often feature an audible alarm as well.

Advanced humidity alarms can be programmed with an alarm delay. This delay won’t trigger the alarm or call when a rise in humidity is first detected, and instead requires the humidity level to be sustained for a certain period of time. This feature reduces the potential for false alarms from the humidity alarm.

In addition to warning of a rise in humidity levels, a humidity alarm can also log humidity and dewpoint levels in its internal memory, so that humidity level fluctuations can be reviewed for a set period of time.


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