Green Cleaning

Green cleaning strives to provide health and safety benefits, while improving productivity and cost savings. Green cleaning uses chemicals, equipment and processes that minimize the environmental impact of cleaning while still maintaining (and sometimes improving) cleaning effectiveness. Green cleaning also helps to reduced operating costs. By continually reducing the cost to clean, industrial facilities will be able to clean more and that translates into a better, safer and cleaner work environment.

Green cleaning has three major components: 1. Green chemicals – Chemicals that eliminate ingredients known to be toxic to plants, animals and people and that found their way into air, water and soil. 2. Green cleaning equipment – Equipment designed to meet well defined criteria in the LEED-EB Rating System, particularly in EQ Credit 3.7: Green Cleaning: Sustainable Cleaning Equipment Policy. 3. Green processes and procedures – An overall cleaning program that specifies when and how cleaning activities are performed.

Green Cleaning Links

Advance US Advance US provides industrial and commercial green cleaning equipment and offers resources on green cleaning.

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