Floating Roofs and Domes for Tanks

Convert your existing floating roof tank: With only slight modifications to an existing tank, a lightweight aluminum dome may be set in place to convert an external floating roof system into a domed roof tank with an internal floating cover. This conversation will save operating, maintenance and replacement costs. Operation of your tank no longer requires attention to weather conditions. Snow, ice and water accumulations are eliminated, preventing product contamination, corrosion and the potentially expensive disaster of a sunken cover. The existing seal systems are free to work efficiently, as designed, without the hindrance of snow and ice build-up. Labor and material resources previously reserved for maintaining your external floating roof tanks can be saved and used elsewhere in your operations. Aluminum domes are resistant to the elements, virtually eliminating the periodic expense of pain ting steel roofs. Additionally, maintenance costs of the external floater will be reduced substantially. By eliminating standing water, the friction of ice and snow loads, and high temperatures from direct sunlight, the coating used on the steel floater will last much longer. Seal system life will be extended. Also, simpler rim seals may be considered at replacement time because the requirement to resist the elements is gone. The seals may now serve the simple purpose of product conservation. GEODESIC DOMED ROOFS Geodesic domes are spherical frame structures designed to be self-supporting. Primary horizontal thrust is contained by an integral tension ring. The geodesic frame is covered with attractive non-corrugated aluminum panels. The aluminum alloys used have a proven history of weather resistance even in the harshest environments in the world. This virtually eliminates the need for periodic maintenance, coatings, or paint. Geodesic Domes will remain virtually maintenance-free for the life of the structure. Each dome is designed with the most modern computer technology to check all loading combinations to ensure safety and integrity under all conditions. The geodesic domes will be custom engineered for your individual structure. The self-supporting design allows maximum overhead space utilization and provides interference-free operation for floating roofs and other internals. The aspect ratio of the dome can be selected for your location and specific application, offering a a range from a very flat, low profile to a high dome for more internal clearance. Also, a wide range of accessories (vents, skylights, dormers, hatches, foam connections, etc.) meet all additional needs.

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