Custom Welded Steel Storage Tanks

Custom welded steel storage tanks work with all capacities, from small applications with a tank of a few hundred gallons to the largest industrial storage tanks measured in millions of barrels. Individual steel storage tanks can be acquired as complete packages that include all appropriate peripheral equipment and systems, making them complete for your specific application. The metallurgy of your custom storage tank and its peripheral equipment should be properly selected for its expected contents.

Manufacturers of Custom Welded Steel Storage Tanks

  • Anderson Dahlen manufactures a variety of custom stainless steel storage tanks for use in the dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Anderson Dahlen can manufacturer stainless steel pressure vessels with ASME section VIII division 1 certification and dimple heat transfer jacketed tanks with ASME section VIII division 1 certification.
  • United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG) can manage the various environmental concerns and regulations associated with welded steel storage tanks. Our experienced crews will complete the tank and system installation and thoroughly test them before handing them over to your staff.
  • Douglas Tanks Sales offers custom storage tanks that are built to match customer specifications. They can also provide tank modifications, including fittings, pumps, access solutions, and more to turn your existing tank into the perfect vessel for your needs.

The Two Types of Welded Steel Storage Tanks:

There are two general types of welded steel storage tanks – shop fabricated and field erected (or “shop-welded” and “field-welded”). Both kinds of storage tanks are commonly installed above ground and are used to store many different products, either as interim storage before being transferred elsewhere or for long term storage.

Shop fabricated storage tanks are limited to a size of about 16 feet (~5 meters) in diameter. The tanks are usually constructed and completed in a fabrication shop for later shipment to the job site. Prior to final finishing in the shop, the steel tank is sand-blasted, painted and prepared for shipment. When complete, the storage tank is loaded onto a truck for transfer to your site for installation. Naturally, such shop-fabricated tanks are restricted in their dimensions to allow them to be transported on public roads.

Field erected storage tanks are typically larger than can be shipped to the site in one piece, thus requiring field welding to complete the storage tank installation. These larger custom tanks are constructed in sections. The sections are then prepared on site. The field erection process involves welding the sections of the steel storage tank together, as well as the addition of all connections and peripherals, plus final painting.



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