Custom Labels

Custom labels are versatile and can be used on wine bottles, pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, envelopes and many more products and substrates. Custom labels can be designed to adhere to most surfaces such as metal, plastic, cardboard and aluminum. Various label types are available such as piggyback style, single layer, double layer and other designs that allow you to display the amount of information you need. Many products like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have long ingredient lists and directions for use which must be properly displayed. A custom label designer can help you incorporate that text into the perfect label design.

When choosing a custom label an important consideration is the quantity or “run length” you will need. Typically a longer run of custom labels will be less expensive. However many custom label providers know that a custom label run is often shorter and these companies will provide reasonable pricing. Some custom label providers allow you to upload a design directly to their website, or send a design electronically. This way you have complete control over the design of your custom label. Other custom label design shops have in house designers who can aid in the design of your label. The cost of custom design is often additional.

Custom pressure-sensitive labels—that is, labels on which the adhesives bond to substrates when pressure is applied—can be printed in nearly any style the user requires. Pressure-sensitive labels are often designed to stand up to harsh work environments, chemical exposure, and the elements. They are commonly used in manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities as safety warning labels, where their resistance to water, steam, and other factors allows them to remain visible and useful for extremely long periods. Reusable pressure sensitive labels are available, as well.

Custom Label Providers

  • Advanced Labels Northwest. Advanced Labels specializes in custom labels for wine bottles, food and cosmetics and much more!
  • Able Label manufactures and distributes pre-printed and custom labels to customers worldwide. They offer thermal transfer and direct transfer labels in a wide range of colors, shapes and materials, and sell label applicators and dispensers to meet all of your labeling needs.
  • America’s Finest Labels provides custom labels and in-stock labels in a variety of options including shipping & handling labels,  damage/impact labels, color-coded labels, hazardous material labels, anti-static labels, and much more. All products are manufactured and printed in the USA.
  • Compliance Signs provides custom labels and signs in the size, color and design you need.  They create standard labels and custom OHSA/ANSI labels, pipe markers, and more.
  • Lomont IMT is known for its innovative safety signage and identification products, including custom pressure-sensitive labels. The company uses robotic manufacturing equipment and patent-pending processes to deliver durable, highly visible products for a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Wausau Coated Products manufactures custom labels including roll labels, sheet labels, and end of use solutions for various industries. The company’s offering also includes eco-friendly and eco-friendly and FSC® Certified pressure sensitive labels.
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